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"What can I say about the Heil line? For my understanding and experience, Bob Heil has made the greatest contribution to dynamic microphone technology in 30-40 years. He has not only "raised the bar" with his new Pro-Line microphone series, but he now "owns the field". Broadcasters have been turning to Heil Sound for years - in order to get the most presence and balanced articulation with limited bandwidth. Now it's time for recording and live sound engineers to get the message.

With the advent of neodynium magnets, many manufacturers can make "good" sounding dynamic mics at a very low cost. However; to make a dynamic that sounds as good as a condenser, with absolutely correct phase coherence, high output, fabulous build quality and ruggedness, at a ridiculously affordable price.....well.....now you're only talking about Bob Heil's shop, Heil Sound....period." --Taylor Johnson

We include a free 25' microphone cable with every Heil microphone purchase.

Heil PR22 microphone image
PR-48 PR48 Heil Sound Kick Drum Microphone
PR48 large diaphragm dynamic microphone designed for kick drum use.  The PR 48 features a 1.5-inch diameter element, and is mounted in a vulcanized double shock mount, which offers complete isolation within a rugged cast metal housing.
Heil Handi Mic image
Small Heil dynamic microphone used for drums, horns and vocals.
Heil SM2 Shockmount PR30 PR40 image
For use with the Heil Sound PR30 and PR40 Microphones. Choose black or champagne color.
Heil SM1 image
For use with the Heil Sound PR-20 and similar body shapes.
Heil FL2 image
Flange/surface mount for PL2T; replaces C clamp. Brass insert for long wear.
Velvet Revolver Slash Heil image
In support of their new CD “Libertad”, Velvet Revolver has packed an inventory of new Heil Sound microphones into MIC CASE #1 and hit the road for shows throughout the US and Canada. Sound is being provided by Eighth Day Sound, Highland Heights OH and veteran FOH mixer Toby Francis handles mixing duties for the band. Audiences are treated to “A pure, live rock and roll show” as one fan put it during a stop at the Sturgis Bike Week 2007 Rally, and in many respects the gear and microphone selection reflect just that.

The choice to switch to Heil Sound mics came after the band and Toby conducted listening tests from recordings made in “rehearsal mode” at the studio using a Pro Tools HD set-up. Toby Francis comments, “The band and I listened to playbacks of the comparisons and quite frankly were stunned at the difference. The Heil mics were clean with more presence in the upper mids. I’ve like these mics everywhere I’ve put them.”

On stage, guitarist Slash uses a dual system of Marshall 4x12 cabinets; one “dirty” and the other “clean” sounding. Toby uses Heil PR30’s on both systems. Slash also uses a PR20 handheld for his Talk Box set-up. Bassist Duff McKagan mics his Gallien-Krueger cabinets with a PR40, and Dave Kushner’s Mesa Boogie speaker boxes use the PR30. Additionally a PR40 is used on Matt Sorum’s kick drum. Toby also utilizes two PR30’s for audience microphones.

Click here for: It All Starts With The Microphone
Bob Heil Microphone Book Work with audio? Want to learn all about microphones from the legendary Bob Heil? Click the link for a PDF download of Bob Heil's book It All Starts With the Microphone. (Note: it's an 8MB PDF file)

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